Groundbreakers Production Masterclass

The Groundbreakers Production Masterclass hosted by Industry In The Streets kicked off at The Roundhouse in Camden on Saturday with a day packed full of creative artistry and musical genius.

The young producers who signed up to the course embarked on a musical journey with our expert tutors (Scratcha DVA, Spider J, Pepstar, Fusion and Joss Ryan) who kindly gave up their time to show the new cats some of the secrets of the trade.

It wasn’t too long before the guys quickly found their niche and incorporated their individual musical prowess crafting and creating songs from scratch.¬†From pop influences to reggae tinged dub and political influences, the music had it all and the end product was nothing short of amazing. Keep a look out for filmed footage coming soon!

P.S We look forward to the next Groundbreakers session (hint! hint!)

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