Industry In The Streets (IITS) was founded in 2007 by Fusion. At the time he was an events management tutor, working with 16-19 year old NEET (Not in
Employment Education or Training) learners.

Frustrated by the lack of opportunity his graduates had to demonstrate the portfolio of new skills they had developed, Fusion decided to form a network of young creatives to share skills and explore opportunities. Using his 15 years of experience and contacts as a music producer, journalist and presenter,

Fusion developed live briefs for his Industry In The Streets collective to showcase and refine their creative skills, while working in conjunction with respected industry professionals and established brands.

One of our first clients was Dizzee Rascal’s Dirtee Stank imprint. The brief to create a backdrop for the ‘Flex’ video provided a unique opportunity for one of young graphic designers to gain valuable exposure on a mainstream platform (and for Fusion to make a sneaky cameo as a newscaster see 0:03).

Now, some 7 million YouTube views later, the exposure of the video gave one of our young creatives the confidence to set up their own business. IITS helped to incubate the business, which now offers graphic design solutions and fashion opportunities to a wealth of young designers and models and Industry In The Streets has emerged as a dynamic new organisation capable of helping emerging and established creatives to harness their full potential.

Today we directly engage hundreds of young people through a range of projects and partnerships, consult for a range of establish brands and improve the lives of thousands, through the creation of live events, marketing campaigns, music and much more.